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While you’re waiting 15 minutes for your rapid test results.

Bringing water to a boil, planking and waiting for your rapid covid test results are clinically proven to be events that make time stand still - 15 minutes feels like 3 days and there is only one antidote to speeding up the process: these snackable shows and movies. Throw one of these on and it’s guaranteed you won’t even care when that test reads positive.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Netflix Comedy specials: Naomi Ekperigan, Aparna Nancherla, Michelle Buteau, Michelle Wolf, Janelle James (believe women when we say we're funny!)

Friends - HBO Max (or just turn on an cable station, bound to be on)

Jeopardy - NBC

Sort Of - HBO MAX

Billy on the Street - Hulu

Also applies to:

-the titular situation: to have on when you clog the toilet and need a show on in the background when the plumber is in the apartment

-when you're on the (now working) toilet

-on the subway


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