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When you're touchdown curious but not THAT curious

If your life revolves around sporting events, then to quote Mox in Varsity Blues, “I don’t want your life.” But sometimes there is no avoiding them - maybe you’re dating a professional athlete who gives you courtside seats you can't turn down; or perhaps you’re dating an investment banker who won't stop inviting you to their company softball game. Or worst of all, the dreaded annual CTE convention also known as “The Super Bowl” (sorry NBC, I refuse to call it “The Big Game.” Sue me). We can’t even make the excuse that we’re “in it for the commercials” because spoiler alert, they’re all already posted to YouTube - we see you Colin Jost/Scar Jo and Lindsay Lohan - congrats on your free Alexa and Planet Fitness Membership (respectively).

So then, what are we sports-unenthusiasts left with when the only trend on Twitter is #SuperBowlLVI, and the 7-layer dip at the party is only semi-decent? Welcome to our list of sports-adjacent entertainment where you get to root for a team but also get to relish in the drama (and Freddie Prinze Jr. in a thong).

Editor's Note: this stance is not an indictment on this year's halftime show which features an epic lineup and we will not miss it. The content we recommend is "pauseable without killing the vibe" with this in mind.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Summer Catch - Prime or AppleTV

Watch Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jessica Biel round the bases. Fun fact: Freddie uses a butt double.

Friday Night Lights (the series) - Netflix

Clear eyes, full hearts, you really can’t lose with this cast: Kyle Chandler, recent Oscar nominee Jesse Plemons, and the mom from White Lotus (LOL JK all hail Connie Britton). Not to mention, Michael B. Jordan. It almost makes me want to visit Texas. Almost.

Friday Night Lights (the movie) - Hulu

The inspo behind the series, both of which were inspired by the book, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream (4.1/5 on Goodreads, we'd stick to the screen versions).

Ted Lasso - AppleTV

Everyone's a good guy, even the bad guys. You're not just rooting for the team, you're rooting for all citizens of Richmond. The show and characters will give you faith in the world and humanity once again.

Cheer - Netflix

“Bring It On,” but real and at a college where the only major offered is cheerleading and the only minor offered is…also cheerleading. Cue the spirit fingers.

Ballers - Hulu

The Rock. To quote Miranda Priestly, "that's all."

Rudy - Hulu

This true underdog story has inspired athletic hopefuls for decades to believe that anything is possible…if you’re a white male.

Remember the Titans - Disney+

Would get concussed for Denzel.

Varsity Blues - Hulu

I give it a 10! A f****n’ 10!” - Billy Bob

Love and Basketball - HBO Max

A game of one-on-one with your childhood crush turned high school sweetheart turned "It's Complicated" in college turned pro-athlete has never been steamier. Come for the ball, stay for the love.

Breaking Away - Hulu

The townies (led by noted vintner, Nick Parker) vs. the frat boys competing in what is arguably the best college sporting event in the United States, the Little 500 at Indiana University (seriously, look it up, how is it even real?).

We Are Marshall - HBO Max

Devastatingly sad, but once McConaughey gets on the scene, he makes it alright alright alright.


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