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When you want to make "movie night" feel like an event.

Ah the lost art of going to Blockbuster and perusing the aisles on a Friday night - it was the best of times, it was the worst of times (especially when they were out of Ace Ventura Pet Detective). These days it can be challenging to make movie night feel special, especially when it typically only entails scooting from the right side of the couch (your mid-afternoon side) to the left side (your evening side, duh). That's where these films make all of the difference - they elevate your evening and cultivate an experience worth remembering. HOT TIP: if you're feeling really nostalgic, rewind to the beginning after the credits roll.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Interstellar - Prime or Paramount+

Judas and The Black Messiah - HBO Max

Sound of Metal - Prime

Parasite - Hulu

Lion - Prime

Dune - AppleTV or Prime

Ex Machina - Hulu

Spotlight - AppleTV or Prime

Argo - HBO Max or Hulu

Inglorious Bastards


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