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When you want to leave your brain at the door

For those days where you wish your brain had an off switch, these are the shows and movies that offer the proverbial “off switch.” A close cousin to but not to be confused with “to have on in the background” content– those series/movies are the ones that you can tune out. The following list of content tunes you out

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Airplane - Apple TV/Prime

Super Troopers - Prime

Real Housewives Franchise - Bravo

90 Day Fiancé - Hulu

Love Island - Hulu

Also applies to:

- When you want to wind down but not fall asleep

- After a call where your boss yelled at you but it wasn’t your fault (or it was and that’s okay!)

- For when you’re tempted to crawl into a British-Bake-Off-sized hole but don't want to feel hungry

- when your ADHD really kicks in


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