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When you wanna hit it and quit it

A one night stand. A wake up and break up. A wham bam thank you ma’am. Or as we at The Situationist call it, a “limited series.” Limited series are fantastic for when you’re feeling non-committal, don’t have a ton of time, and don’t have the attention span to remember anyone’s name. They’re perfect for when you’re trying to get over your favorite show that just ended, or if you’re needing to break a dry-spell and ease back into the game. They provide you with an opportunity to be adventurous, step outside of your comfort zone, and take on an entirely new personality. And even more importantly, just like a one-night stand, a limited series often includes an A-list cast that in any other world would be totally out of your league.

The risk? You end up catching feelings (and hopefully that’s all you catch). But what is love without the fear of losing? Enjoy the thrill. It’s worth it. We promise. If nothing else, we recommend you begin exclusively referring to your actual one-night stands as “limited series.”

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

The Undoing

Hugh Grant continues his reign as the ultimate f*ck boy. But in this whodunnit, you begin to wonder are Daniel Cleaver, George Wade, and Alex Fletcher the most evil characters he’s ever portrayed? Red herrings will make your head spin, but not nearly as much as Nicole Kidman’s towering height and famous green coat.

Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown is what happened to Rose after surviving the Titanic: she develops a thick, unplaceable, but undeniably delightful accent and moves to a small town outside of Philly to become a detective searching not for the heart of the ocean, but rather for the killer of a gruesome murder.

The Dropout

The opposite of True Blood...literally.

Queen’s Gambit

As someone who does not know how to play chess (and refuses to learn), I officially have my interest piqued. Anya Taylor-Joy makes chess sexy and the premise is as if the Euphoria kids joined the chess club in the 1960s. If nothing else, it's fun to drop "ahhh the Queen's Gambit" out of context into conversations everywhere.

Normal People

Sexual tension between two lovers builds across 12 episodes and ends just in time to make the perfect Irish exit.

I May Destroy You

The legendary Michaela Coel takes you on a raw and visceral journey of what happens when she faces her demons dead in the eye to reclaim her life.

Inventing Anna

Julia Garner plays Kaitlyn Dever as Anna Delvey in this con-dram (read: con-artist drama). 9 episodes in total, it is the perfect level of commitment. To quote Ms. Delvey herself, “I do not have time for this, I do not have time for you.”

The Night Of

Riz Ahmed a.k.a rapper “Riz MC” stars in this crime drama. Sadly, he does not rap on the show but he certainly gets a bad rap. Also John Turturro. Full stop.


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