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When you regret not marrying into generational wealth

The satisfaction of watching other people spend their money is ASMR for the eyes. I'll watch someone spend obscene amounts of money on just about anything: houses, yachts, sunglasses, weddings, divorces, a Gucci vending machine at a kids birthday party. And the best news is, we're not short on content that exploits capitalism at its finest.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Bling Empire - Netflix

Real Housewives Franchise - Bravo

Paris in Love - Peacock

Million Dollar Listing - Bravo

Succession - HBO Max

Billions - Showtime or Hulu

Sabrina (1995) - Netflix

Sabrina (1954) - Prime

Also applies to

-when you want to leave your brain at the door

-while you wait for the delivery to arrive

-non-committal on a Sunday night


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