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When you’re on parental leave

Ah, parental leave. In the words of Taylor Swift, “it’s miserable and magical,” and nothing drowns out the wheezing of a hospital-grade breast pump quite like the sound of quality entertainment. The best part? Your hormonal rollercoaster of emotions mean that you can explore a wide range of genres. Go ahead, pack as much content as you can into the pitiful amount of time our country provides us to bond with our newborns. Whoever decided that screen time is detrimental to child development has obviously never had a human being evacuate their body, so cozy up, find a comfortable position to hold that tiny human, and let the TV be your nightlight for those 3AM diaper changes.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Workin’ Moms - Netflix

The Mindy Project - Hulu

Catastrophe - Prime

The Letdown - Netflix

16 and Pregnant (shockingly soothing, trust me) - AppleTV

Black-ish - Hulu

Gilmore Girls - Netflix

Younger - Hulu

Downtown Abbey - Netflix

Call the Midwife - Netflix

The Other Two - HBO Max


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