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When you’re in need of an emotional support movie

In a committed relationship? You’re crying. Single? You’re crying. Getting targeted ads from Open Table reminding you to make your “Galentine’s Day” reservation? Crying (and barf). Regardless of your status, Valentine’s Day is a day for tears and you might find yourself wanting to feel emotionally supported by something other than a weighted blanket, a warm (human) body, and/or a bowl of pad Thai. Screw the romcom lists and ironically watching horror films. We’re referring to the only pure form of love left on this godforsaken planet: the love of a dog, specifically the emotional support that dog-centered movies provide us. So throw out the Russell Stover that you bought yourself (chocolate kills!), curl up on your couch and release the waterworks. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Marley and Me - Prime

This movie is whatever the opposite of an antidepressant is. This movie is if a film were a faucet. This movie could break Hoover dam (also f*ck Herbert Hover).

A Dog’s Purpose - Hulu

Literally, a dog’s purpose. Starring the guy from “Riverdale” and noted California vintner, Nick Parker.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale - Prime

Pretty Woman if Julia Roberts were an Akita.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - Disney+

What’s sadder than a lost dog? Two lost dogs and a cat.

Lassie - PlutoTV (it's a thing)

Would rescue you if you were stuck in well. 12/10.

Best in Show - Hulu

Because G-d loves a terrier.


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