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When you're DTF...the patriarchy

In light of the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion to overturn abortion rights (read: control women's bodies), our collective situation is one of anger, disdain and an insatiable desire to punch someone in the balls. But, sadly, balls heal and we need to think more long term. It’s easy to feel helpless, listless and like all you want to do is make a dent in your couch watching Selling Sunset…but now is not the time! (spoiler alert: no one even sells a house this season). Veep's Selina Meyer famously said that "if men got pregnant, you could get an abortion at an ATM" and it's about damn time to make that dream a reality. ATMs, we're coming for you. Donate. Volunteer. March. Tweet. Slide into the DMs of the guy who consistently responds “fire emoji” to your stories and ask him what he’s doing to help. DO IT ALL! Do it now.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

DONATE: (go local):

Roe Fund (Oklahoma)

Chelsea's Fund (Wyoming)

EDUCATE: (because no one is expected to know what the hell is happening at all times.)

Read the leaked opinion

Subscribe to Chop Wood Carry Water

Follow The States Project to learn how actual change gets made on a state-level

Other valuable resources: Vote Save America & Swing Blue Alliance

VOLUNTEER (your time, your mind, your energy)

Planned Parenthood (there are virtual volunteer opps!)

Talk to your local reps (find out how)


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