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When you need your Duff fix

Admittedly, this isn't a specific situation as much as it is a celebration of our Queen Elizabeth HRH Hilary Duff in honor of her highly anticipated new role as Sophie in Hulu’s new spin-off, How I Met Your Father. You may know her as Elizabeth “Lizzie” McGuire, Samantha “Sam” Montgomery (a.k.a. Diner Girl), Kelsey Peters or as Isabella Parigi to the untrained eye. Whichever of her seminal roles you relate to most, Hilary Duff will always be an icon, a trailblazer and the sister we always wanted (screw you Matt McGuire).

She’s a girl after our own hearts and we live and die by her famous words:

"Eating junk food with your friends, watching TV while your brain turns to tapioca. This is what America's all about." - Lizzie McGuire

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

How I Met Your Father - Hulu

Lizzie McGuire - Disney+

The Lizzie McGuire Movie - Disney+

A Cinderella Story - HBO Max (great pick up HBO max!)

Younger - Hulu

Raise Your Voice - AppleTV or Prime

Gossip Girl, Season 3, Episodes 4-10 - HBO Max

The Perfect Man - HBO Max


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