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When you need a chaser and you’re out of limes

WebMD and distinguished doctors everywhere agree: it is medically inadvisable to watch two stress-inducing shows back to back. Squid Game followed by Yellowjackets? Taking a hit of Euphoria after binging Handmaid's Tale? Do you have a death wish? Heart rate monitors everywhere can be heard exploding. It’s critical that you nurture your comedown with a “chaser” - a series that coddles you and tells you you’re beautiful; a series that tastes like biting into a lime after a tequila shot (not always great, but so needed). The choice of your proverbial chaser takes thought because you certainly don’t want to be caught spooning your toilet all night. We hate to say it, but “boot and rallying” isn’t cute after college.

As Mary J. Blige put it so simply, “No more pain (no more pain). No drama (no more drama in my life).” Chasers don’t necessarily need to be good, they just need to work. Chasers are the bland bowls of pasta you carbo load before the big marathon. Get rejuvenated. Feel revived. Stay healthy.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Veep - HBO Max

#ImWithHerandByHerImeanJLD. MY President Selina Meyer is the “sexiest woman to ever exude fiscal prudence.” Her biggest platform is to “get the government out of my f*cking snatch,” so you can certainly count on my vote.

Nailed It - Netflix

The perfect spoonful of sugar from a poorly baked cake makes the medicine go down. Also, Nicole Byer is the number one doctor-recommended treatment for bringing down your heart rate.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy - Hulu

This series is guaranteed to slow down your racing heart, but we can’t guarantee it won’t raise your cholesterol.

Sort Of (we literally cannot stop recommending this show)

The most beautiful examination of identity and the navigation of societal roles through the eyes of a young, non-binary, Pakistani-Canadian. This show will make you laugh, cry and thaw your frozen heart.

Girls5Eva - Peacock (the one reason I subscribe)

The revival of a one-hit-wonder girl band fronted by Renée Elise Goldsberry? YES PLEASE.

Peep Show - Hulu

You’re guaranteed to find solace in the absolute hot mess of a life Mark and Jeremy (aka “Jez”) lead together. They are the most socially awkward, free-loading individuals to ever grace the screen and you’ll never care about two white men more.

Gilmore Girls - Netflix

If beta-blockers were a TV show.

New Girl - Netflix

If nothing else, you’ll develop a deep crush on Nick Miller (played by Jake Johnson) to the point where you won’t be entirely convinced you aren’t actually dating him.

Hot ones - HBO Max

“CHICKEN WINGS!” - Tommy Callahan


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