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When you go viral

We did it, Joe! Across the country, we’re officially on “HIGH” alert for Covid. Our noses were not built for this level of penetration. When we put “go viral” on our vision board, this wasn’t what we had in mind. But yet, here we are. If you’re one of the lucky many to test positive in recent days, the first step of recovery is some R&R: Real Housewives & RuPaul’s Drag Race (or Riverdale and Ray Donovan if you’re in the mood for a scripted vintage). And step two? Choose from the following series and films guaranteed to make your isolation fly by while that second red line fades into memory.

Honestly, just be grateful the test was positive for Covid, not pregnancy in Oklahoma. (PSA: donate HERE to fight these monsters and get them out of our bodies).

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Anatomy of a Scandal - Netflix

A powerful British politician navigates how to use his privilege to get out of a crime(s). "What a unique perspective on what it means to be a cis white male. NOT!" - what you might think when you read this description. But trust, Sienna Miller's wardrobe, flawless skin and perfectly coifed hair turn this would-be-unoriginal trope into a can't-look-away tale exploring love, law and lechery.

Candy - Hulu

Disclaimer: If you like your wife and/or the person you're cheating on your wife with, don't watch this.

Based on the true story of Candy Montgomery, this series uncovers what happens when you give a housewife an axe and seemingly no motive.

The Worst Person in the World - Rent on AppleTV+ or Prime

Watching a movie with subtitles is the equivalent of reading a book. So snuggle up with some hot tea, a blanket and this fantastic Norwegian novel: a tale of a stunning 30-year old woman as she figures out who she is, who she isn't, and who she wants to be. Is it still considered "coming-of-age" when you're in your 30s?

George Carlin's American Dream - HBO Max

A 2-part documentary on the life of legend, George Carlin. That's it. That's the log line.

Abbott Elementary - Hulu

Sitcoms are back and Abbott Elementary has set an impossibly high bar. The "sit" takes place at a Philadelphia public school and the "com" is the genius combination of Quinta Brunson, Janelle James, Lisa Ann Walter (Chessy!), Tyler James Williams and the legend herself, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Together, these comic icons band together as teachers dedicated to educating and improving the lives of our next generation.

Insecure - HBO Max

There are no words in English to describe how beautifully perfect this show is and how accurately and honestly it portrays the insecurities we feel navigating the transitional phases of adulthood (okay, I guess we found the words). To take one of the best pieces of advice from the series, said by Natasha Rothwell (aka Kelli) "don't look a gift horse in the d*ck." Watch this series immediately.

Hacks - HBO Max

Fun fact: Once upon a time, the word hack was short for “an ordinary horse." This show is anything but ordinary. It is the extraordinarily clever, funny, and cruel story of Deborah Vance (played by Jean Smart), a legendary comic who fears she's entering "has-been" town and hires a young, seemingly entitled writer (Hannah Einbinder) to keep her sharp.

The After Party - AppleTV+

The next time someone asks you who your dream dinner guests are, just list the cast of this hilarious whodunit comedy series: John Early, Zoë Chao, Ben Schwartz, Dave Franco, Tiffany Haddish, Ilana Glazer, Ike Barinholtz, Jack White, Ken you need me to go on?

The Staircase (scripted series or documentary or both because we both know you have the time) - HBO Max (scripted)/Netflix (doc)

Is it a murder mystery? A slippery stair? An unfortunate owl encounter? This real-life story dives into the lives of a suburban family who grapples with the idea that their dad may be a murderer. And if in the retelling of my life story Colin Firth gets to play my dad, sign me up immediately. Even if you've already seen the doc, the miniseries is worth it if you want to host your own competition for which non-American actor does the best North Carolina accent.

Severance - AppleTV+

This show takes the concept of not mixing business with pleasure to a surgical level. Warning: you might spend the first 2 episodes of this show seriously questioning your friendships with people who told you "you HAVE to watch this" but trust us, it's worth the slow burn for the fire at the end.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (the series, but also the movie if you want because why not! Nothing matters!) - Hulu (series)/HBO Max (movie)

Based on Richard Curtis's iconic film of the same name, this series will not only make you wish you moved to London after college (and if you did, well done you!) but it will also make you laugh, cry, swoon and wonder who the hell is Rebecca Rittenhouse's dermatologist because that skin is stupid perfect. Plus, Mindy Kaling created this lovely piece of art so guaranteed to be a bloody good time.

Love Sick - Netflix

What has long been a living nightmare for us all - having to tell our previous sexual conquests we've contracted an STD - is finally flipped on its head. This series shows us that while safe sex is important, chlamydia won't kill you (it might even introduce you to your life partner!). This show truly cures all ailments.

Girls5Eva - Peacock (the one reason I subscribe)

The revival of a one-hit-wonder girl band fronted by Renée Elise Goldsberry? YES, PLEASE.

The Other Two - HBO Max

Imagine you, an unfamous no one, with a kid brother who has reached Bieber-level stardom overnight. It also features the “Superstar” herself, Molly Shannon. This show is so good, it physically hurts my brain; this show is so good, I stopped speaking to my friends until they each individually watched episode 1 and thanked me; this show is so good, I've convinced myself I'm friends with Heléne Yorke to the point where I slid into her DMs and asked her if she could set me up with her brother in-law (she didn't reply).

Veep - HBO Max

#ImWithHerandByHerImeanJLD. MY President Selina Meyer is the “sexiest woman to ever exude fiscal prudence.” Her biggest platform is to “get the government out of my f*cking snatch,” so you can certainly count on my vote.


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