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When you feel like you’ve been living in a time loop since March 2020

Salvador Dali was ahead of his time when he painted The Persistence of Memory - nearly 100 years later, turns out he perfectly predicted how time feels: like a melted clock draped over a tree limb. It is no longer a surreal representation of time; it is an accurate depiction. We live in a time loop, and there’s no escape.

Full House’s theme song begged the question: “Whatever happened to predictability?” and we finally received our answer - it’s here and it’s annoying. The cold, short, winter days blend together, rendering time meaningless and fueling our desire for shared human experience (without the anxiety of murdering your grandmother by hug). What better way to satisfy that desire than by watching what feels like our own time loop of a life unfold on the screen from a safe distance? So go put pants on and allow yourself to commiserate with these characters, and remember: tomorrow is a new day (we think?).

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Groundhog Day

The internet categorizes Groundhog Day as a “fantasy comedy” and we can’t disagree: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott trapped in a time loop with a run time of 101 minutes? Certainly sounds like a fantasy to us.

PSA: Punxsutawney Phil is a f*ck boy:

1. inconsistent and unreliable, always

2. The narcissism!

3. He's on Cameo

Russian Doll

Imagine attending the same NYC apartment party every night but instead of Irish-ing out the back door, you die.

**Renewed for Season 2 (Baruch Hashem) so catch up now.

Before I Fall

This film is relatable only to those who used the pandemic time loop to become better people and get in shape (ugh).

Palm Springs

If Ingrid Goes West involved a wedding hook-up turned infinite-night-stand and J.K. Simmons is constantly trying to kill Ingrid (and Andy Samburg…talk about whiplash!)

50 First Dates

Few things we wouldn’t do to go on 50 dates with Adam Sandler

The Edge of Tomorrow

Groundhog Day but instead of Bill Murray fighting Ned Ryerson it's Tom Cruise fighting against killer robots (also Emily Blunt, hello).


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