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When you’re waiting for that text back and don’t own a weighted blanket.

Screw Love. Anxiety is the real thread that binds us together. If you ever meet someone who claims they don’t maintain some level of baseline anxiety, RUN do not walk away, because they are not human - to quote Oda Mae Brown, “you in danger girl.” There may not be a cure for anxiety, but treatment includes drugs, therapy, dogs, and this list of shows/movies:

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Baby Sitters Club - Netflix

Ted Lasso - AppleTV

Love Life - HBO Max

Sort Of - HBO Max

Ghosts (the British version) - Hulu

Pen15 - Hulu

Abbott Elementary - ABC or Hulu

Bridesmaids - Peacock

Father of the Bride (both) - Prime or AppleTV


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