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So distractingly good, you’ll forget about your UTI

The only thing worse than having a UTI is having a UTI with little to do to distract away the pain while stuck indoors due to plummeting temperatures and a global pandemic. The solution (other than a rush order prescription of Monurol) is to find something distractingly good enough that you forget you had a bladder to begin with. Since going outdoors or socializing is not a safe option, we better be smart about what we put on that TV: it must be a series or movie that is not only good enough that it sucks us into an entirely different universe but is also chill enough where it’s not gonna kill the vibe when we inevitably (at least feel like) we have to pause and pee.

Some might call this “epic but pausable.” So even if you don’t have a UTI (or once your Monurol kicks in), here is a list of “epic but pausable” content to heal your soul (and perhaps your urinary tract).

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Fleabag -Prime

Based on HRH Phoebe Waller-Bridge's one woman show, Fleabag is a heroine, a show and a masterpiece. You will fall so madly in love with the titular character (obviously played by PWB herself), that you too may start breaking the fourth wall and become infatuated with your hot priest.

Arguably, the best 2 seasons ever to be written and performed on television.

Starstruck (not the Disney movie!) - HBO Max

PG13 Fleabag but make it Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Love Sick - Netflix

What has long been a living nightmare for us all - having to tell our previous sexual conquests we've contracted an STD - is finally flipped on its head. This series shows us that while safe sex is important, chlamydia won't kill you (it might even introduce you to your life partner!). This show truly cures all ails.

The Other Two - HBO Max

Imagine you, an unfamous no one, with a kid brother who has reached Bieber-level stardom overnight. It also features the “Superstar” herself, Molly Shannon. This show is so good, it physically hurts my brain; this show is so good, I stopped speaking to my friends until they each individually watched episode 1 and thanked me; this show is so good, I've convinced myself I'm friends with Heléne Yorke to the point where I slid into her DMs and asked her if she could set me up with her brother in-law (she didn't reply).

Booksmart - Hulu

The rumors are true...WOMEN ARE FUNNY and smart.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - AppleTV

An allegory for every frontman who leaves the band with an epic cast and even more epic cameos (sup Rih Rih, mazel tov!).

Best in Show (and all Christopher Guest) - HBO Max or Hulu

Because G-d loves a terrier.

Sort of - HBO Max

The most beautiful examination of identity and the navigation of societal roles through the eyes of a young, non-binary, Pakistani-Canadian. This show will make you laugh, cry and thaw your frozen heart.

The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

As someone who does not know how to play chess (and refuses to learn), I officially have my interest piqued. Anya Taylor-Joy makes chess sexy and the premise is as if the Euphoria kids joined the chess club in the 1960s. If nothing else, it's fun to drop "ahhh the Queen's Gambit" out of context into conversations everywhere.

Ted Lasso - AppleTV

Everyone's a good guy even the bad guys. You're not just rooting for the team, you're rooting for all citizens of Richmond. The show and characters will give you faith in the world and humanity once again.


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