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Significant shows with your significant O’s (or insignificant-O's if you haven't DTR'd)

If quarantine taught us anything, it’s that the United States needs to add an additional grounds for divorce: irreconcilable differences on what to watch on a Sunday night. Mutually deciding what to watch with your significant other is a fraught topic, and a true test of the strength of any relationship. To pose the question, “what should we watch tonight?” has the power to dismantle even the sturdiest of unions. And if you're early-in-the-game dating and need to test your TV compatibility, we got you. Time to mix it up in the bedroom. Here are recs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

The Offer - Paramount+

Paramount Studios pats its own back through the telling of how the studio made, what many consider to be, the best film ever made: The Godfather.

Vibe Check: educational and entertaining,

Anatomy of a Scandal - Netflix

A powerful British politician navigates how to use his privilege to get out of a crime(s). "What a unique perspective on what it means to be a cis white male. NOT!" - what you might think when you read this description. But trust, Sienna Miller's wardrobe, flawless skin and perfectly coifed hair turn this would-be-unoriginal trope into a can't-look-away tale exploring love, law and lechery.

Vibe Check: addicting & thrilling.

Stranger Things - Netflix

The Goonies meets Ghostbusters meets Scooby Doo. Nerds and cool kids unite to fight dark forces, as their small midwestern town is literally turned upside down.

Vibe Check: freaky but nostalgic.

How to with John Wilson - HBO Max

A hilariously educational documentary series about the strange lives of New Yorkers and exploring the human condition.

Vibe Check: unpredictably silly and introspective.

The Lincoln Lawyer - Netflix

Disclaimer: The pilot of this series (based on the novels) is an embarrassment to television. But trust us, get through the first ep and you'll be hooked on Mickey Haller, Esq.'s wit, charm and ability to make even the most boring case enthralling. If it doesn't make you consider law school, it will certainly make you consider buying a Lincoln.

Vibe Check: litigious

Severance - AppleTV+

This show takes the saying "it's not's business" to a surgical level. It might be a slow burn, but it's worth it for the fire at the end.

Vibe Check: mind f*ck (literally)

Your Honor - Hulu

Bryan Cranston covers for his son who accidentally commits murder. Yet again, Walter White wins Dad of the year.

Vibe Check: thrilling and sweaty

Atlanta - Hulu

Donald Glover navigates the ATL rap scene. The number of awards this show has won takes at least 3 scrolls on the wiki page. Third season now streaming. Watch immediately if not sooner.

Vibe Check: fun and chill

Dead to Me

Christina Applegate plays a sardonic widow determined to solve her husband's murder.

Vibe Check: dark but silly

The Staircase (scripted series or documentary or both because we both know you have the time) - HBO Max (scripted)/Netflix (doc)

Is it a murder mystery? A slippery stair? An unfortunate owl encounter? This real-life story dives into the lives of a suburban family who grapples with the idea that their dad may be a murderer. And if in the retelling of my life story Colin Firth gets to play my dad, sign me up immediately. Even if you've already seen the doc, the miniseries is worth it if you want to host your own competition for which non-American actor does the best North Carolina accent.

Vibe Check: addicting and graphic

The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds travels back in time to save the future.

Vibe check: Action-y with a rom-com cast

Power of the Dog- Netflix (film)

More like the power of the dong. Be prepared for powerful performances from the Dunst-Plemons family, and a nude Cumberbatch at every turn in this Western romance.

Vibe Check: slow burn Western.


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