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Period pieces for when you're on your period.

Ashton Kutcher set an impossibly high bar when he gifted Natalie Portman a “period playlist” in the film, No Strings Attached. Come on - “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, UB40's “Red Red Wine,” “I’ve Got the World on a String” by Frank Sinatra? Not to mention, Ashton also brought Natalie (and her roommates: Guy Branum, Mindy Kaling and Greta Gerwig - epic casting) cupcakes. We’ve certainly come a long way since biblical times when we were sent to the Red Tent to bleed it out. Doctors have even prescribed that women on their periods "should be relieved of taxing duties of every description, and should be allowed to yield herself to the feeling of malaise…lounging on the sofa or using her time as she pleases.” - a doctor, probably.

So let’s yield to that feeling of malaise, and soothe our wombs with this list of period pieces best watched while we unleash the “crime scene in our pants,” as Greta Gerwig put it so poetically.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Outlander - Netflix

The ultimate escapist show which allows you travel through time and sleep with people in different centuries.

The Gilded Age - HBO Max

And Just Like That...with Rambo minus Che Diaz.

Little Women (OG and new) - AppleTV

Who would win in a Celebrity Death Match between Kirsten Dunst and Florence Pugh? Probably Greta Gerwig because she went from playing "the best friend" in romcoms to getting robbed at the Oscars.

The Great - Hulu

WARNING: do not watch with parents or on a plane in the middle or aisle seat or window seat if the person behind you is desperate enough. This show is Catherine the Great's personal sex diary from Russia.

Bridgerton - Netflix

You'll quickly replace "going on a walk" with promenading.

Downton Abbey - Netflix

"Classic" - Cher Horowitz.

Emma (Gwyneth adaptation) - Hulu

GOOP (and by transitive property POOG) approved.

Emma (2020 series) - Prime

Clueless but make it Queen's Gambit.

Anything with Kiera Knightley (barf) - probably on BBC, that's on you

Would start with Pride and Prejudice if only to see Tom Wambsgans as Mr. Darcy.


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