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Good in bed

Ah, sleep. Such a fickle relationship we have. It’s the love of our lives, and it’s our worst enemy. It knows we need it, and so it plays hard to get. The one antidote for helping us fall asleep (other than an unending list of legal and soon-to-be-legal-according-to-NYMag drugs ) is the perfect TV show. A show that is a lullaby and a gentle lover; a show long enough, but non-committal; funny enough but doesn’t actually make us laugh; a show where if we lose the plot, we don’t feel lost.

It’s tough to find a show that’s good in bed - most shows are there just to thrill us, make us like them and don’t care if we don’t nod off. Steer clear of those, stick with these.

Situationist Certified Recommendations:

Scripted Series: for when you need a modern-day bedtime story.

Heartstopper - Netflix

A magical British coming-of-age story of two teens falling in love and the tensions, trials and tribulations that come with it. Disclaimer: this show is so good you won’t want to fall asleep mid-episode. However, it will give you high hopes for humanity and lower your blood pressure, and that’s our kinda bedtime story.

You’re the worst - Hulu

Imagine the two worst people you know. Now imagine if they meet each other at a wedding and fall in love. Does mutual destruction ensue? Or do two worst people make a right? Either way, you’ll sleep

soundly knowing that even if you think you’re a bad person, your soulmate is way worse.

Ghosts (the British version) - Hulu

A British sitcom about ghosts from different centuries attempting to haunt a current day couple who has moved into their home. The jokes are strong and plenty, the plot is easy and the accents offer the perfect bedtime story narration.

Friends - HBO Max

They say to write what you know. We say, watch what you’ve already seen 100x because it’s comforting and free therapy. This is the story of 6 friends navigating their 20s in New York City. What the cast lacks in diversity, it makes up for in problematic storylines that have aged worse than guacamole sitting on the table 2 hours before the guests arrive at your Memorial Day BBQ.

Sort Of - HBO Max

The most beautiful examination of identity and the navigation of societal roles through the eyes of a young, non-binary, Pakistani-Canadian. This show will make you laugh, cry and thaw your frozen heart.

Abbott Elementary - Hulu

Sitcoms are back and Abbott Elementary has set an impossibly high bar. The "sit" takes place at a Philadelphia public school and the "com" is the genius combination of Quinta Brunson, Janelle James, Lisa Ann Walter (Chessy!), Tyler James Williams and the legend herself, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Together, these comic icons band together as teachers dedicated to educating and improving the lives of our next generation.

Love Sick - Netflix

What has long been a living nightmare for us all - having to tell our previous sexual conquests we've contracted an STD - is finally flipped on its head. This series shows us that while safe sex is important, chlamydia won't kill you (it might even introduce you to your life partner!). This show truly cures all ailments.

Non-Scripted: for when you want to listen to a podcast that makes your eyes tired. Because nothing is more exhausting than listening to straight, white men speak.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy - Hulu

This series is guaranteed to slow down your racing heart, but we can’t guarantee it won’t raise your cholesterol.

Between Two Ferns - Prime

Zach Galafianakis trolls celebrities who troll him right back. Recommended episodes: Jennifer Lawrence, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jon Hamm, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Paul Rudd.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman - Netflix

Letterman compensates for being on his own Top Ten List of unlikable male comics by interviewing some of the most likable stars on the planet. Recommended episodes: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds, Cardi B, Tina Fey, Obama.

Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series

Just be sure you choose an episode that doesn’t involve a lion kill or exploring the deep, dark depths of the ocean because nightmares for days.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld shows us that you can laugh at your own joke and drive at the same time.


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