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Safe for when your parents visit and they've run out of questions to ask you about your job

The dreaded awkward silence; the empty space; the undeniable void that builds between you. Unless you have a swift exit, the only solution is to reach for the remote. And what's the one thing that could be more awkward than silence? Turning on the wrong movie or TV show. Explicit sex scenes? Excessive nudity? Gory violence? A show about middle schoolers galvanizing the entire neighborhood to launch a baby sitting service? No thank you. There are only a select number of shows and movies that appeal cross-generationally AND don't have scenes that make you want to dissociate from your body when witnessed in the same room as you parents. These are them! You're welcome.

Situationist Certified Recommendations

CODA - AppleTV

Tick Tick Boom - Netflix

Don't Look Up - Netflix

Succession (warning: not 100% safe, but 60% of the time it works every time) - HBO Max

Anything with Clint Eastwood, Paul Rudd or Melissa McCarthy

The Family Stone - Hulu

The Upside (original or Kevin Hart remake) - Hulu

Hacks - HBO Max

Alone - Netflix

The Morning Show - AppleTV

Also applies to:

-when your mom is doing the dishes behind you

-when you're home visiting your Republican family

-on a plane and you're in the aisle or middle seat


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