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noun Psychology 

the theory that behavior is chiefly in response to immediate situations.


The Situationist is your answer to the daily, nightly, any-time-really, question of: what should I watch? There is no shortage of content right now, and we have unlimited access to it...all of it. If you can add a "+" to the end of your company name and charge $5.99/month for it, congratulations, you're a content provider. When we have unlimited choice, how do we choose? Genre categories and "best-of" lists just don't cut it anymore. Choice paralysis kicks in and suddenly we begrudgingly default to The Office or Schitt's Creek again because we know they're a safe bet. 

What about a recommendation engine based on your mood, or better, yet, your specific situation. Is there a plumber in your apartment and you need something on to fill the silence but not feel judged ? Are you feeling confused because you've just been dumped by someone you weren't sure you ever liked to begin with? The Situationist has the perfect content for you, tailored for your specific situation. 

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